FB ads are unlocking new business for certain sectors


Facebook advertising is not a new concept. In fact, advertising was predominant on Facebook as soon as it became commercial so that the site could make money and turn into the big corporation it is today. More recently, businesses are starting to recognise the power of what Facebook advertising can do for businesses both large and small alike. A lot of smaller businesses are being able to reap benefits from FB ads to get themselves noticed by their target audience.

Over the last few years, FB ads have really taken off for businesses, with new features being introduced to maximise the opportunities for businesses to be seen and unlock new customers.

The strength of FB Ads

Facebook ads have a number of strengths, which help businesses to gain more awareness and generate new customers. Over the years, the platform has developed into a sophisticated advertising site, especially when it comes to targeting and retargeting. It enables businesses to find new audiences meeting certain demographics and capture customers based on their interests and behaviours. Facebook advertising is a versatile tool allowing businesses to really define their audience and set themselves business goals and objectives.

It’s hard for businesses to ignore the power of FB ads and what it can do for their sales. In fact, it’s slowly become an essential part of a marketing strategy to give companies new opportunities to create business.

Brand Awareness

The most beneficial part of FB advertising is that it can create multiple opportunities to create brand awareness. Particularly for small businesses, companies can use either a widespread or more targeted approach to getting their brand name out there. People spend a ridiculous amount of time on social media, creating a huge platform for businesses to get their name out there. It’s a great way to find new audiences to demonstrate your brand, promote who you are as a company as well as your products. Brand awareness helps to increase trust before purchase, so the more you are seen amongst your targeted audience, the more likely they will remember who you are.

It’s a great tool for demonstrating not just your product offering, but how you can relate to your customers and help them find solutions to their needs.

You don’t need a huge budget

With FB ads, you don’t actually need a big budget to find the right audience and create new business. In fact, you can be as picky as you want about who to target. Unfortunately, with Facebook, organic search is pretty much dead. But if you have a good brand message, you can get your presence shown amongst the people you really want to target. Being patient with your Facebook ads can actually get you better results in the long run rather than spending all your budget in one go. Small businesses can actually achieve great results by gaining insights into their customer base with the advertising rather than spending vast amounts of money.

Facebook insights

With Facebook advertising, you can actually do some great market research for your business. Facebook’s insight tool and advertising platform enables you to see which target audience gets the best results. You can change your target audience for each ad campaign to find which ones work best for you. You can see which posts get the most likes, reaches and shares to see which adverts work best for you as a company. You can also pick different products to see which get the most attention and demand from customers. Facebook advertising also lets you split test results, so you can see which images and text relate to your audience the most.

When you find a profitable avenue, you can increase the spend on it to get a better ROI. FB ads lets you split your demographic by location, age, gender, languages, interests, job title, behaviours and much more. That way, you can get a better insight into who takes an interest in your product, so you can create new business opportunities.

Refresh your ads

Facebook adverts can become stale after a while, so in order to get the most out of them and unlock new business it’s important to refresh them. Some companies hire people to refresh their Facebook advs several times a day. Not every company is able to do this, but by regularly refreshing your Facebook adverts, they are more likely to be shown to your target audience. Companies can unlock new business by ensuring their ads have fresh content in a competitive marketplace. Showing new ads can help to generate more views and therefore, more customers.

Retain your customers

Facebook is a powerful tool in reaching new customers. However, once you’ve got their attention there are some great ways you can use Facebook to keep those customers interested. It’s not often that you can reach a customer with an advert and get them to buy in the first instance. Turning a new customer into a buyer takes more effort and time spent on to get them to purchase.


Facebook has a powerful remarketing tool that can identify potential new customers and business. If a member of your targeted audience clicks on your advert and spends time on your page and site, you can remarket to them, so your brand is in your presence. It provides an added layer of targeting and can help generate a better understanding of your audience.

Facebook messenger

Over the years, Facebook messenger has become a really sophisticated tool that businesses can utilise. It enables businesses to have one on one, instant communication with their customers. Facebook has also now introduced automated responses and quizzes to keep customers interacting and engaged with their brand offering.

Facebook marketplace

Marketplace on Facebook has been developing into a useful tool for business over the last couple of year. Originally it was set up like an online garage sale, but with the introduction of new categories such as jobs, autos and properties, small businesses can now also utilise the tool to reach new audiences. In the US, they have also introduced shops and ticket categories allowing business to actively target their audience. The ability to list your products alongside individual products help to build trust and awareness of your business in addition to your FB ads.

FB advertising is a great tool for all companies to find new markets to purchase their products. Whether you’re a start up company or a large business, FB can really help you to find the right audience to present your brand to and find new business. Its development over the years has led to the introduction of influencers and small start ups becoming huge. We’re sure the platform will have more to offer businesses in the future. For now? There’s a huge amount of potential businesses should invest in to generate new business.