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FB ads are unlocking new business for certain sectors


Facebook advertising is not a new concept. In fact, advertising was predominant on Facebook as soon as it became commercial so that the site could make money and turn into the big corporation it is today. More recently, businesses are starting to recognise the power of what Facebook advertising can do for businesses both large and small alike. A lot of… Read More

PPC and SEO still the cornerstone for most businesses


Too often businesses can’t decide whether to focus their efforts on PPC or SEO to drive their business. Unfortunately, companies are looking too narrowly in one direction. Both PPC and SEO are still the cornerstone for most businesses as online and digital takes over. The truth is, it’s never a straight answer whether SEO and PPC are going to work better… Read More

Why it’s important to rank in Google Maps 3 Pack


Recently, Google change their search results layout from their original 5-pack display to a 3-pack display. The change was predominantly due to the move towards optimising for mobile. As more and more consumers search for products in their location. The change not only included a move from 5 places to 3 but also introduced Google maps as well as their move… Read More

Effectively Marketing your Business


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