PPC and SEO still the cornerstone for most businesses



Too often businesses can’t decide whether to focus their efforts on PPC or SEO to drive their business. Unfortunately, companies are looking too narrowly in one direction. Both PPC and SEO are still the cornerstone for most businesses as online and digital takes over. The truth is, it’s never a straight answer whether SEO and PPC are going to work better for you. In fact, a small business should be utilising both platforms to get the best outreach for their brand.

What are the main differences with PPC and SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is, therefore, all about optimising your website with the right content in order to get your site higher in Google search results. You choose which keywords to rank for and make sure your website follows through on those keyword offerings. It’s not just about content, it’s also to do with your code and technical ability of your website too. Such as whether it is mobile friendly, there are no broken links on your page and you have relevant page titles and descriptions written in your code, also known as meta data.

Whilst PPC is similar in that you target particular key words, it’s actually completely different. In fact, it’s more about advertising with certain platforms such as Google and Bing, in order to get your pages in search results. PPC uses different techniques where you strategically bid money on your key word and optimise landing pages in order to get your advert shown higher in the results.

IS SEO better then?

SEO is normally seen as a more appealing option for businesses, because they normally believe an organic lead doesn’t cost them any money. Whilst this is true, essentially, it’s not looking at the bigger picture. Traditionally, SEO generated more quality leads, but with a good strategy in both PPC and SEO, your leads can be just as good quality either way. The main thing to note is that SEO is not entirely free. With competition on Google being extremely high, SEO is a lengthy process that can take years to build up. Especially, if you want to do it legitimately and not cut any corners. Reaching out to get quality backlinks, creating and generating regular, relevant content and promoting your site to get people to share and engage with your site can take time if you’re a small business attempting to do it alone.

Some smaller companies opt for marketing companies to do it for them, which comes at a cost. But if you don’t fully understand how to get SEO to work, then it’s better to pay someone to do it right for you than to waste a lot of time and money on your SEO efforts. Nevertheless, SEO isn’t necessarily better than PPC but just takes a lot more time to generate. It is worth investing in SEO for any business, as it’s still a huge part of how companies generate brand awareness and leads. However, it doesn’t need to be the only path you take with your advertising.

What about PPC for businesses?

The main advantage of PPC is that you have more access to free tools to monitor and analyse your efforts. Whilst you pay to get your ad to appear, Google, Bing and other PPC tools can provide some great insight so you can hone your strategy and optimise your ads for the best results.

Setting up your campaign can take a bit of time to adapt to get the most value, but you’re likely to generate leads from the outset if you set it up right. Really focusing on researching keywords and learning the basics between your phrase, broad match and exact match terms can make a big difference in how much money you spend.

With PPC you can easily see your return on investment, which means you can quickly see how much value it brings your business. As Google is a competitive market, PPC can get you results a lot quicker than a well-thought-out SEO strategy. When your ads are based on strategy and monitored, you can actually get a good return and profit for your business.

PPC and SEO as a cornerstone of business

As we enter into a more digital world, online search is the main platform to generate interest in your business. Every day, people use online search to find information and search for products. In order to get the most out of your marketing strategy, PPC and SEO need to be your main priority. Google and similar platforms are now even more competitive than high street brands. If you don’t invest in digital marketing and online search, it will be hard for your business to get off the ground.

How to get a higher rank in PPC and SEO?

Investing in PPC and SEO can really help your business, but you really need to be able to focus on your keywords and put in the time and effort to get your business noticed. Do your keyword research and optimise all your content and landing pages in line with these words you want to rank for.

Don’t always opt for the most competitive. You may be wasting your efforts. As a small business you might be better off going for less competitive terms and synonyms as well as long-tail keywords to get a wider spread audience and get your brand out there.

As long as your website and content pages demonstrate the right message you want to get across and include the keywords you want to target, you can’t go too wrong. In addition to this, close and constant monitoring of your keywords, competitors and content can really help you to find what interests your customers and focus your strategy. There are plenty of tools online you can use as well to help identify pitfalls and monitor progress.

What if I can’t afford to do PPC and SEO myself?

If you can’t afford or don’t have the time to execute your own PPC and SEO strategy, you’re not alone. Many small businesses use marketing companies to do it on their behalf. Not only do they have the time, but they also have the expertise to get you results quickly. The main thing to watch out for is companies with false promises. Any company suggesting, they can get you to position number 1, or that don’t work with you on your objectives may be a waste of time and money. It also helps to get yourself to grips with the basics, which you can easily do with research online.

Know your offering

Either way, the most important thing you can do for PPC and SEO is to understand your customers and what you are offering. The best way to rank properly in both PPC and organic search terms is to build a credible website with a genuine solution for your customers. As long as your offering is legitimate, and your keywords are determined by your business, then you can’t be penalised in either Google or PPC. The more value you build as a business, the better your site will perform.

In ad ideal world, SEO and PPC as a combined tactic will work for your business. But it takes time to understand your business and what these platforms can offer to get the best results for your business. Both SEO and PPC can really help businesses get off the mark, optimise their conversions and generate new income. Both platforms aren’t necessarily right for every business, but it’s worth looking into both to find what is right for you. When bigger businesses use both tactics, it’s hard for companies to ignore either one of these powerful marketing tools.